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Meet the characters of The Illifort Saga


Elise was a young dark haired fae with black dragonfly wings who grew up in the forest where most of the fae lived.  Unlike most of them, Elise was not very attuned to magic, and despite her parent's best efforts she struggled to cast spells.  Elise instead took an interest in the world outside.  Years later on a fateful trip outside the forest, Elise was captured by people wanting to sell her wings, and in order to prevent her escape, they pinned them.  Elise was rescued by a monk order called The Order of Eternal Balance.  Elise swore to never be that defenseless again, so she started training with the monks determined to rely not on magic or others to save her, but her own abilities.  She currently lives with the monks at the monastery and most of the time wears a dark robe to cover up her torn up wings. 

Kokira Eshpora

Kokira is a dragonborn warlock from an old and proud clan of dragonborn.  After an unspeakable event drove Kokira from her home when she was 14, she survived on her own wondering further and further from her homeland.  Eventually she was found by a bronze dragonborn who took her in and cared for her, teaching her many of the things she knows.  Eventually, Kokira decided it was time to leave her hermit life and face off with the demons of her past.  While she would prefer to move through life alone, she too often finds herself in a position that requires her to work with and sometimes bond with others.

Tingus Pingus

Tingus Pingus is an elderly deep gnome wizard who hails from deep within the mountain caves.  In his home, Tingus spends all of his time studying the arcane arts and perfecting his craft.  Often helping many of his fellow gnomes when he can.  One fateful day, Tingus's home was completely destroyed by a dark magic, and all of his family and friends were destroyed.  Tingus has reason to believe that his sister had escaped, and now his life goal is to venture throughout the world searching for what caused this destruction and the whereabouts of his long lost sister. 

Talbot Riverstone

Concerned that he is following in his father's footsteps as a merchant, Talbot Riverstone longs for excitement and adventure like that of the stories he hears from the wondering adventurers who stock up on supplies at his family's general store.  His mother came from a long line of adventurers and when Talbot was young she left on one final quest and never returned.  Talbot's father swore that he'd keep his youngest son safe from the dangers that are beyond the city gates.  Now the problem is "I am my mother's son and bein' a mama's boy in this family is NOT an insult".  He will follow in her footsteps, live a full and wondrous life, and possibly find the mystery of her disappearance one day". 

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